Adventures In Songwriting

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Award-winning singer-songwriter Jim Camacho has launched a new web series called “Adventures in Songwriting”.

The series explores songwriting through the lens of an informal, sit-down story-telling session, allowing Jim and his guests to go on a conversational journey towards decoding the mystery of writing a song. The host and featured artists share stories about their path in music, what led them to want to become a songwriter and how they write. By the end of each episode, Jim and company create a new original song. Webcast from the artist’s YouTube page located at and podcast on iTunes (be sure to subscribe), season one produced 6 episodes. Season 2 is currently in preproduction.

Episode 1 features Charlie Pickett

Episode 2 features Ex Norwegian

Episode 3 features Rob Elba

Episode 4 features Fernando Perdomo

Episode 5 features Elsten Torres

Episode 6 features Sean Wouters from Deaf Poets

Adventures In Songwriting Live - "I'M SO OLD" (Feat. Rob Elba)

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