Dream On – NPR Tiny Desk Contest Entry 2018 – Jim Camacho

NPR’s Tiny Desk Video Contest Submission 2018 official submission from Jim Camacho
Performed by Jim Camacho & Students from The Mandelstam School
TROLL built and performed by James Wojtal Jr.
TROLL SCREAM performed by Fernando Perdomo
Mandelstam School Music Teacher Steph Taylor
Filmed by Gil Kaufman
Recorded by Leo Partipillo
Mixed by Jasper Cunningham and Leo Partipillo
Video Edit by Jasper Cunningham
Color Correction by Juan Davila

The new single, ‘Hit Me I’ll Hi You Back’

from Jim Camacho (feat. Charlie Pickett)

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Watch the new video below and read the story behind the song on Huff Po

HUFF PO – Jim Camacho premieres ‘Hit Me I’ll Hit You Back’ (featuring Charlie Pickett)

They say a Renaissance Man is very hard to find these days. Good at a variety of things, the Renaissance Man gets along with almost everyone and is full of respect for himself and the others around him. That sounds alot like Jim Camacho. Jim Camacho is a songwriter.

New episodes of  ‘Adventures in Songwriting’ and the Adventures in Songwriting EP coming soon.

Check out the newest episode below featuring Ex Norwegian.

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