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Help Luna Star Cafe Survive the Coronavirus

Greetings and Salutations Dear fellow patrons , musicians, poets, philosophers and other human beings who frequent Luna Star Cafe. My name is Rowena Wallach AKA Luna Star Cafe’s Open Mic ‘Comedy Poet(ess) with the British accent. Those of you who have heard my poems ‘Aunty’ (piles) ,’Whiskers (eating cat food) and of course ‘Georgie’ ( flashing) will definitely remember me! If that’s not enough…I am also the wife of ‘Prof’ Rick Wallach ( ’nuff said!) Rick and I have had the UNIQUE pleasure of knowing and appreciating Alexis,Keith and LUNA STAR CAFE for over twenty years and we look forward to having them around another twenty! So, I’ve done the math and bet that if everyone, who ever enjoyed an evening at Luna Star Cafe , either by performing , listening , drinking, eating and /or hanging out, donated to this campaign. then I am confident that we will be able to adequately thank and repay Alexis and Keithfor all they do ( and have done ) to nurture live music in North Miami AND … OMG !!!!! KEITH AND ALEXIS GOT MARRIED!!!!! So “Come on you chaps,” Give them a Wedding Gift to remember Make sure Lunar Star Cafe survives the Great Coronavirus Shutdown of 2020 ……………………………………………………………. TO READ MORE AND DONATE, PLEASE CLICK THE LINK: LUNA STAR CAFE GO FUND ME

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Jim Camacho

Jim Camacho is a songwriter. He is a singer, musician and producer. He is a playwright, actor and sound designer. He hosts a video series and he writes songs for other artists to perform

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