Jim Camacho


Jim Camacho’s “Trouble Doll”

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Demo Universe

In any event, Camacho’s now out on his own and sounding great. The title track is a highlight, a slow Bowie stroll with explosions of Radiohead waves. Jim owes the lads in U2 a pint for his current sound, as the aching, striving “Looking At The Sun” makes abundantly clear. It is to Camacho’s credit, however, that I can note the resemblance, nod sagely and move on to simply enjoy the thing. Trouble Dollabounds with pleasures for the mainstream modern rocker; I recommend you check it out.

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Jim Camacho

Jim Camacho is a songwriter. He is a singer, musician and producer. He is a playwright, actor and sound designer. He hosts a video series and he writes songs for other artists to perform

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