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MOUSE KING included in “Ultimate Guide” of family-friendly holiday events at Miami.com

Thanks to ChristianaLilly & Miami.com for the 🐭❤️ & inclusion of MOUSE KING in their “Ultimate Guide” of family-friendly holiday events & activities!


‘Tis the season: Your ultimate guide to family-friendly holiday events and activities | Miami.com

The holidays are different in Miami. There’s no doubt about that. While it seems like God himself will hear everyone else’s prayers for a White Christmas, in Miami, our holidays are marked by more sun. But what we lack in winter weather during the holidays, we make up for in a great number of festivities for the entire family.

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Jim Camacho

Jim Camacho is a songwriter. He is a singer, musician and producer. He is a playwright, actor and sound designer. He hosts a video series and he writes songs for other artists to perform

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