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The Camacho Brothers will celebrate the release of their new self-titled 7” on Friday, April 19, 2019. This record will feature Jim and John releasing new music together for the first time since their run in the 90s Miami garage rock act The Goods. They invited along some of their friends to perform on the double A side called “Marshmallow” / “Vera”, including:
Steph Taylor (the State Of )
Jason Hann (The String Cheese Incident and EOTO)
Izo Besares (Humbert / I Don’t Know.)
Roger Houdaille (Ex Norwegian)
Fernando Perdomo
Tony Oms (The Goods)
Juan Davila
Tim Hamilton
Zach McRary (Electric Jelly Funk)
The new release was recorded at The Shack North Studio and Rehearsals and Ark South Studios by Ferny Coipel and Jasper Cunningham, mixed by Leo Partipillo and mastered by Ryan Smith.

All-star cast of local heroes set to perform the songs, as well as other new Camacho Brothers material, along with material from each brother’s solo career.

Also, being that its “Goods” Friday, don’t be surprised to see some old friends take the stage.

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Jim Camacho

Jim Camacho is a songwriter. He is a singer, musician and producer. He is a playwright, actor and sound designer. He hosts a video series and he writes songs for other artists to perform

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